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Foreign Investments & International Trade

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Although the international market has become a global village with wide access to trade, disparate local laws and varied business and cultural practices pose a major challenge for certain markets. International trade sanctions limit how companies can do business, as well as customs laws, exchange controls, foreign investment requirements, expatriate quota and immigration rules, among others.

Our Foreign Investments and International Trade lawyers help clients overcome these challenges and successfully compete in the world's developed and emerging markets. We advise major industrial, financial services, technology, consumer products, pharmaceutical and energy companies on sourcing, manufacturing, distributing and selling their products and services around the world. We also help clients determine, monitor and handle their relationships with the third-party suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and sales agents in their supply chains.

Well-versed in WTO, regulatory and commercial law, we advise companies on compliance issues such as anti-corruption, anti-bribery, trade sanctions and export and import controls, as well as commercial contracts, product labelling requirements, product liability and recalls, and sales promotion and marketing rules across multiple countries. No matter the issue, we focus on simplifying complex trade requirements so our clients can focus on growing their businesses.

We have in-depth knowledge of numerous industries with recurring trade policy concerns, and are skilled in many cutting-edge industries that are increasingly confronted with trade policy issues. Black Rex has an extensive international practice working regularly on cross border transactions, investments and disputes. Our large international network of overseas law firms gives us access to trusted advice around the world. We provide comprehensive commercial and regulatory advice. We are particularly well versed in assisting our clients with:

  • Market Access Analysis and Advocacy
  • International Trade Policy and Negotiations
  • WTO Dispute Settlement
  • International Trade Litigation
  • International law
  • Foreign investment controls
  • Foreign trade
  • Cross border agreements
  • International trade and sale of goods contracts
  • International property investment
  • Business related immigration

Black Rex has a leading Foreign Investment practice advising both International and Nigerian clients on the application of the extant rules, regulations and laws to Foreign Investments in Nigeria [both Direct and / or Portfolio]. Our FDI consultancy services which are immensely useful for setting up business in any economic sector of Nigeria, fall under the following broad categories:

  • Advisory services for business expansion to Nigeria
  • Counsel about paving the way for smooth FDI in Nigeria (FDI Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations in Nigeria)
  • Well-rounded support for creating any preferred business, professional, manufacturing, or service entity in any economic sector, in forms of joint ventures, wholly-owned subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, branch offices, etc.
  • Guidance and legal services for establishing business in Nigeria by any of the mentioned entity set up under FDI project in Nigeria
  • Advisory about all regulatory registrations, affiliations, and compliances with State and Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Nigeria.

Today, FDI in Nigeria is profitable and secure, making Nigeria one of the most popular and preferred investment destinations in the whole world. The most impressive features of Nigeria favoring FDI in Nigeria are the following --- it is a vast and varied market with over 182 million population; liberal and generous Governmental policies for attracting FDI in Nigeria; its well-developed maritime sector; its large qualified and skilled workforce available economically; its two globally prominent stock exchanges; among others. Further, the most thriving and enticing economic sectors of Nigeria to foreign people and companies at present are the agro-processing; entertainment and sports; leisure; hospitality and tourism; arts and culture; telecommunications; real estate; retail; infrastructure; power and energy; business outsourcing; insurance; oil and gas; mining and minerals; manufacturing; and various consumer goods and products; etc.

Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria increased by 853.87 USD Million in the first quarter of 2017. Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria averaged 1340.83 USD Million from 2007 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 3084.90 USD Million in the fourth quarter of 2012.