Black Rex Partners is committed to provide world class legal services with strategy and simplicity resulting in boundless efficient solutions to our clients. To this end, a Partner will take overall responsibility for client relationship in order to ensure that expectations are met. We treat clients with care and personal attention to their case while developing long-term relationships. Our expertise is brought to bear on solutions we proffer. We recognize that our clients desire the highest quality services for the lowest possible cost. We can assure our clients that we are dedicated to giving the highest quality legal support at the greatest value.

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corporate & commercial law practice

Black Rex Partners is a Top Law Firms in Nigeria’s Corporate & Commercial Practice. We provide a wide range of corporate and commercial law services, regulatory compliance and company secretarial services.  We are poised to meet Client needs in areas as Foreign Investments [Direct or Portfolio] in Nigeria, corporate structure, corporate contracts, corporate governance, regulation of corporations, the organization and mode of subscription of capital, transferability of shares, composition of the board and management, labour, compensation, staff welfare and pension issues and finance.

Corporate & Commercial Law Practice

real estate law

Black Rex Partners sets the pace as a leading Law Firm in Real Estate practice representing developers, investors, lenders, and business users in the acquisitions and dispositions, development, financing, sale, negotiating space leases, build-to-suit leases, financeable ground leases, subleases, bond type leases, unitary leases, synthetic leases and sale-leaseback transactions, real estate development. Our lawyers are familiar with condominium and time-sharing forms of ownership, real estate syndication, taxation of real estate, zoning and the regulation of land use. We frequently assist in planning the structure of and negotiating complex real estate transactions, as well as handling the legal analysis and documentation.

Real Estate

law of tax

We recognize that our clients require a seamless, multi-jurisdictional tax advisory service and at Black Rex Partners the depth and breadth of our knowledge ensures that we are able to support our clients' business needs successfully and provide high quality, innovative tax solutions in the increasingly complex area of tax legislation and practice. The anxiety involved in dealing with tax problems and disputes can be very unsettling to the management team or personnel of corporations while conversely affecting in negative terms, human and capital resource of Corporations. Taxation Issues such as Double Taxation, High Tax Burden, Bi-lateral and Multi- lateral treaties between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Foreign Countries or International Organizations, Tax Exemptions, Tax Holidays can be properly adapted with our expertise to suit the Commercial Interests of our Clients.


litigation & dispute resolution

Disputes consume significant amounts of time and scarce resources while diverting Client attention from day-to-day operations, business strategy and long-term goals. In a world of increasing complexity and cost-sensitivity, Clients expect their Lawyers to develop creative solutions that allow business to continue as usual and as quickly as possible. At Black Rex Partners, we take proactive measures to manage risk while maximizing profit to Client investments. Our expertise in resolving disputes is unmatched. We provide legal representation for Clients in aspects of litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Other Areas of Practice

Our premium law practice is designed to meet both the practice of law and the business of law. We are poised to deliver up-to-date legal practice and services that cuts across divers areas of modern day legal practice. We are positioned to deliver 360 degrees legal services to our numerous clients.

For a comprehensive view of our areas of practice kindly see our services section.

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